lunes, 19 de mayo de 2008

English food, towers, bridges and tunnels

On Thursday I went to have walk through the streets with no destiny in mind. I was looking for a traditional place to eat but I couldn't decide were to stop. There were a lot of indian take aways and some english pubs who seemed to be a little bit expensive, so, after walking for a long time, and been very hungry I finally ended having lunch in a Kentucky fried chicken. Not very traditional, I now. Better luck next time.
The rest of the day I went on walking along the Thames, crossing its bridges a few times and visiting the Tower of London and the Tate modern gallery, but only from the outside.

I spent all the Friday organizing my room and writting my CV. I met Duca in Camdem town to have dinner. Then we went to a pub and we found that there was a concert in it. The bands weren't too good but it was enjoyable for a friday night.

Saturday was the IKEA day. Going, buying, carrying back in the tube. All of an adventure.

And yesterday we went to the Waterloo station to see the tunnel were Banksy and other graffiti artists had done their works.

3 comentarios:

Muriel dijo...

Wow!! In Inglis!!!

Si es que hasta te veo ya mas delgado en la foto, cuidate, cuidate, je je..

Que bueno, ya estas descubriendo la ciudad poco a poco.

Vnesa dijo...

Para cuando nuestra visita??

(sí, soy monotemática)

I promise I will answer you in english the next time

Yvon dijo...

Creo que lo del tunel este es algo temporal, que mas adelante lo van a quitar todo, asi que habia que aprobechar.

En un principio menos el fin de semana del 31 de mayo y el siguiente los demas estan libres. Tenemos pendiente un viaje que vamos a hacer a Liverpool. Pero todo es cuestion de hablarlo.