domingo, 20 de julio de 2008

Shopping in Portobello market

There's still a lot of London I don't know. On Saturday I went to the west part to visit Notting Hill. I had been advised that there wasn't much to see but I was going to visit a friend over there so I took advange of being near the place.

At the very instant I went out of Ladbroke Grove station I started to hear music in the street. A bunch of people was standing down one of the bridges. I got ther and found a chapels choir singing and dancing. A lot of people that were walking through the street joined the dance. Looking at them you couldn't help to follow the rithm when hearing the songs.

I even thought about going to mass next Sunday... naaah, just kidding. It would be even more difficult now that I'm reading The god delusion. I have not red much jet, but it looks quite interesting.

I left the chorus and cross the road to Portobello market. When I got there the first thing I saw was another bunch of people. They were taking photos to a book shop. Then I realized that it was the one from the film, so, as one more tourist, I took a shot too.

The market was quite crowded but you could walk easily through the stals. I even bought a cheap shoulder bag.

After that I went to meet my friend Cris. A walk near the river, dinner in a pub and then back home.

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