domingo, 20 de julio de 2008

Through the canal on a bike

I woke up very late today. Did the laundry and cooked something for lunch. I didn't know what to do during the afternoon so I took my flatmate's bike and went to have a walk to my neighborhood.

I wanted to visit a place with some modern buildings I had seen before. When I got there I saw one of the canals the cross the city of London. As I didn't have anything better to do I decided to follow the canal to see where it would took me.

I enjoyed the trip a lot. The canal was very large so I went riding for a long time. I founded a lot of interesting places, so I'm going to look for some other canals to visit next time.

I have also taken some photos of my room here in London. It's not very big but I have everything I need. Less is more.

4 comentarios:

Sangorrin dijo...

Nice pictures! To make a panoramic image from several pictures I recommend you to use a program like Autopano or Autostitch. Did you compose that image by hand? :D

Yvon dijo...

Yeah, I know. Usually I use one called Photostich but I forgot it in Spain, and as I'm not able to download big things with my internet connection I had to do it by hand.

Are you finally going to come?

al! dijo...

I didn´t knew You were in London O.o

Como no se nisiquiera si la primera frase la he escrito bien, sigo en castellano. :)

Pues nada, voy a dar un repaso a los mensajes antiguos a ver si descubro porqué te has ido del terruño si con una beca o que.

Intentare pasarme mas a menudo por aqui...Saludos!

castelló dijo...

¿Aquí son las orgías esas del cine negro japo?... :D
Pero que ordenaítooo,...ya será sólo pa la foto jajaaja.