miércoles, 25 de junio de 2008

Cooked or underdone

I'm still trying to survive cooking my own food. The dishes are not really great but they can be eaten. At least I continue alive.

One of my favourite dishes is sashimi, the japanese non cooked fish, and thanks to my flatmate Duca I encoureged to try it at home. Now it's becoming an addiction but it's so good and so easy to make...

And yesterday I cooked some broccoli. Just the vegetables, garlic, cream and cheese. I doesn't look too good but the taste was better.

Not much more to say today. Some hairs fell this Monday.

3 comentarios:

Muriel dijo...

Only one word: ¡anisakis!!

Now your hair looks better, but it´s too long yet :P

Vnesa dijo...

what about the Mohawk haircut ??? -:D

Yvon dijo...

Muriel: Maybe it's not so bad to have them, like little aliens inside you.
I'll save it more next time. When I now that I'm gonna stay in London for a while. I don't want to go like that to Spain.

Vane: I tried, but it's not so easy as I thought.