miércoles, 25 de junio de 2008

How to visit London in one weekend

Muriel and Vane came to visit me this last weekend. We only had two days to see the main places in London so we spent the whole weekend walking from side to side. The tower of London was our first destiny. We passed the Tower Bridge, which had to be hoisted because a boat had to pass through, to reach the south part.

In Borough market we had a vegetarian lunch, falafel kebab, but we were still hungry so we took some sandwiches too.

We went all through the south side of the river till we reached the London Eye. Passed the Big Ben and got to Picadilly Circus. We wanted to buy some comics so we went to the Forbidden planet store and as we were near the British Museum we visited it. I had seen it from the outside a lot of times but never decided to enter.

I liked the inner space and the contrast you find with the outside when you get in. It's like a different atmosphere. A good place to stay reading a book or navigating in the net.
We only got to see the permanent exhibitions: Egiptian and greek statues, and even a Moai. You can find all the Parthenon's friezes there, and the Rosetta Stone too.

After the museum we met Duca in the japanese restaurant in the Soho. And that's how the first day ended.

We started the Sunday visiting a cemetery in the norht part of London. The Highgate Cemetery. We only visited the east part but it was quite interesting. You can find all kind of different tombs, and Karl Marx is buried there.

We were starbing at that time so we went to a chinese restaurant in China Town to have dim sum. We found a very good one called Crispy Duck, so we'll when we can.

After lunch, and after been eating so much, we visited the Trocadero, an arcade place, were we tried one of those dancing game machines (sorry, no photos) and were our ludopathy started to grow. At least at the end we recovered all the money.

Later we went to Camden Town to see the market again. Later a short festival near Victoria park, with music and fireworks. It only last one hour and we got there late, so we didn't so much.
Then we went back home and so on, and so on...

On Sunday we only had time to have a traditional english breakfast in the Wetherspoon pub near our house, a very big one, and then Muriel and Vane took the bus at Liverpool street.

After that I went to see the eurocup football match, but as I don't like football much I don't have anything else to say about that.

Lots of laughs this weekend. That's all we need.

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Muriel dijo...

Suerte has tenido que no me acordé de la camara de fotos cuando estabas en pleno apogeo bailarín.... :P

Vnesa dijo...

The first day I think we were walking for more than ten hours, even we had meal standing up... Yvon, you are a great tourist guide, have you think about making a tourist guide comic???

Yvon dijo...

Muriel: Lo negaré todo en el juicio.

Vane: Yeah, it was quite a long trip. I can't finish a four pages comic, I don't think I could do a touristic one, but who knows...