lunes, 16 de junio de 2008


Today we had a relaxing sunday having a walk in the south part of London.

We first had lunch in Wasabi, a take away which is part of a chain of japanese restaurants. Then we crossed the Thames getting near The London eye.

It's a very touristic place and there's an exhibition with some of Dali's and Picasso's artworks, and a very cheap buffet, maybe we'll have to visit it again another day.

We didn't really do much this afternoon. Just visited that zone walking along the river, looking for books in a market over there and some shopping. We also got into the Royal Festival Hall, to see how it was from the inside. They are showing some anime films these day so I could be interesting to come back.

Some photos of this afternoon:

The view we had from this side of the river

Some kind of artistic esculpture in the street combining light and music

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Vnesa dijo...

Such a nice places, we could visit them this weekend; there are so many things to do and so many places to visit... and only two and a half days... :)

You live in an interesting house, I think it's a good place to draw too... you can make a comic about your neighbours...

Yvon dijo...

I had an idea about a child and his grandpa and about the relationship between them. There was a big garden in it, so maybe I'll put the scene in England.