lunes, 30 de junio de 2008

Singers, doctors and a hammer

I usually don't remember my dreams and I miss it a lot. To dream is like to live a little bit more while you're sleeping. A way of taking advantage of that period of time when you do nothing at all except resting.

Tonight I had a very strange dream. When I woke up I tried to remember all the details I could because I didn't want to forget it. It's strange how our mind works when we sleep. Everything has sense in its own way and it doesn't need to have anything to do with the real life.

Well, my dream started, or at least is the first thing I remember, with me going up the stairs in my old school because I was late for a clash. Vicente, a friend of mine from Pamplona, who I didn't even know when I went to that school (this is the first of the nonsenses), was with me. Don't know very well what were we talking about, something about him working and studying at the same time. When I got to the clashrooms door I thought that I had to change and that's what I did (why? don't know, don't look for any logic in it).

Some details may not be important for the whole story, but it's a dream, not a film. I'm just adding them because I want to write everything I dreamt.

Then we entered inside the clashroom. I think that the teacher looked a little bit like "Niles Crane", from the "Frasier" tv show. My desk was near Pepe's desk (another friend from Pamplona). Behind me there were two classmates from my school, Felipe and Miguel. They are cousins. One of them, Miguel, was the usual boy looking for problems all the time, at least when he was very young, during our last years at school I think he changed a little bit. The thing is that both of them started to threaten me, don't remember with what purpose. It was strange because I tried to argue with them in the way I think nowadays but they were still two children talking in a children's way.

The next part takes place in a kids playground. There's a big slide in the middle of it, all surrounded by trees. I think its autumn. I'm trying to put a small dead tree near the slide but Miguel is on the top of it and he doesn´t let me do it.

From the playground we appear sat on the seats of a school bus. In front of me is Miguel, and this is the moment when the dream starts to become weird. At my side there's Avril Lavigne. We started to talk. I was very nervous because I was trying to listen to her but the only thing I could thinkg about was that I wanted to kiss her, and when our faces were very close that's what I did. The strangest thing of all is that I don't fancy the singer at all, she doesn't even seem pretty to me, but that's what I felt when I was dreaming. And while we were kissing I could feel Miguel looking at us jealously. A total success.

After that I remember Avril and me at my school, but this time the school is some kind of hospital. We are sat there and in front of us, behind his table, is a doctor telling us that Avril is going to die because of a strange disease. We start to get very sad, but suddenly Avril notices some colours in a notebook and that's a reason enough for the doctor to know that she is nos suffering that disease, so she is not going to die. I know, no logic at all again.

We don't have time to celebrate anything because at that moment Avril's parents decide that they are going to move to another city, so we are not going to see each other again. Some relatives of mine come to say goodbye. My little nephew is also there. He is just some months old but is very big and starts to climb up the sofa to get some cookies that are there. He shouldn't be able to do that because he is still very young, but in my dream he seemed older than he really is.

In our last night together we decide to have a romantic dinner at home. In this part of the dream I notice that I am Dr. Gregory House. In some strange kind of way I can see myself from the outside, and it's me but with Hugh Lauries body. I took some food from the school's kitchen for dinner.

The last part, and my favourite one, takes place some months later. It's a very cinematographic one. The dream goes on as if a camera went through my hypothetical apartment, everything is white, the furniture, the walls, the floor, and it´s all a mess, things broken, the floor full of rubish. I remember a hamburguer near the phone with notes written on it with ketchup and mustard. At the end we can see a crystal table broken and a hammer near it. Then everything stops. Suddenly it all starts to go backwards from the end to the begining. Everything gets as it was before, all put in order. The table gets fixed and we see that it was broken with the hammer, then the hammer appears in my hand. I'm still Dr. House and I'm repairing something. The phone rings. I pick up and someone tells me that Avril Lavigne has died.

And at that moment I woke up.

miércoles, 25 de junio de 2008

Cooked or underdone

I'm still trying to survive cooking my own food. The dishes are not really great but they can be eaten. At least I continue alive.

One of my favourite dishes is sashimi, the japanese non cooked fish, and thanks to my flatmate Duca I encoureged to try it at home. Now it's becoming an addiction but it's so good and so easy to make...

And yesterday I cooked some broccoli. Just the vegetables, garlic, cream and cheese. I doesn't look too good but the taste was better.

Not much more to say today. Some hairs fell this Monday.

How to visit London in one weekend

Muriel and Vane came to visit me this last weekend. We only had two days to see the main places in London so we spent the whole weekend walking from side to side. The tower of London was our first destiny. We passed the Tower Bridge, which had to be hoisted because a boat had to pass through, to reach the south part.

In Borough market we had a vegetarian lunch, falafel kebab, but we were still hungry so we took some sandwiches too.

We went all through the south side of the river till we reached the London Eye. Passed the Big Ben and got to Picadilly Circus. We wanted to buy some comics so we went to the Forbidden planet store and as we were near the British Museum we visited it. I had seen it from the outside a lot of times but never decided to enter.

I liked the inner space and the contrast you find with the outside when you get in. It's like a different atmosphere. A good place to stay reading a book or navigating in the net.
We only got to see the permanent exhibitions: Egiptian and greek statues, and even a Moai. You can find all the Parthenon's friezes there, and the Rosetta Stone too.

After the museum we met Duca in the japanese restaurant in the Soho. And that's how the first day ended.

We started the Sunday visiting a cemetery in the norht part of London. The Highgate Cemetery. We only visited the east part but it was quite interesting. You can find all kind of different tombs, and Karl Marx is buried there.

We were starbing at that time so we went to a chinese restaurant in China Town to have dim sum. We found a very good one called Crispy Duck, so we'll when we can.

After lunch, and after been eating so much, we visited the Trocadero, an arcade place, were we tried one of those dancing game machines (sorry, no photos) and were our ludopathy started to grow. At least at the end we recovered all the money.

Later we went to Camden Town to see the market again. Later a short festival near Victoria park, with music and fireworks. It only last one hour and we got there late, so we didn't so much.
Then we went back home and so on, and so on...

On Sunday we only had time to have a traditional english breakfast in the Wetherspoon pub near our house, a very big one, and then Muriel and Vane took the bus at Liverpool street.

After that I went to see the eurocup football match, but as I don't like football much I don't have anything else to say about that.

Lots of laughs this weekend. That's all we need.

miércoles, 18 de junio de 2008

Eroe y El bicho que vive en mi coche

Sigo dibujando, no mucho, pero menos es nada. No tengo scanner, asi que voy a tener que funcionar a base de camara de fotos durante un tiempo.

Estoy con dos historias en mente ahora mismo, pero bueno, que va para largo.

lunes, 16 de junio de 2008


Today we had a relaxing sunday having a walk in the south part of London.

We first had lunch in Wasabi, a take away which is part of a chain of japanese restaurants. Then we crossed the Thames getting near The London eye.

It's a very touristic place and there's an exhibition with some of Dali's and Picasso's artworks, and a very cheap buffet, maybe we'll have to visit it again another day.

We didn't really do much this afternoon. Just visited that zone walking along the river, looking for books in a market over there and some shopping. We also got into the Royal Festival Hall, to see how it was from the inside. They are showing some anime films these day so I could be interesting to come back.

Some photos of this afternoon:

The view we had from this side of the river

Some kind of artistic esculpture in the street combining light and music

Phone, home

I've been busy this last weeks as some friends from Spain came to visit us. We visited some places in London and had a barbeque. It's a little bit sad to see the house empty after having so many people visiting.

Today I'll show you part of the house where I'm living now in London. Welcome.

First of all our garden. A good place to sit at night and watch what the neighbours are doing. We have birds and squirrels from time to time visiting us.

The living room, eat, talk and watch "How I met your mother" episodes all in one place.

The kitchen. Where I try to improve my cooking skills. Mission: impossible.

We will continue with the upper floor another day.